Once a person believes and becomes a child of God, the Bible teaches the person should get baptized as a profession of his/her belief. If you believe you want to become a follower of Christ, please register for the next baptism course.

After the initial class, the course continues for three more sessions for a total of four. The schedule for the additional three sessions will be determined at the first class to maximize coordination and convenience among class takers.

ADULT BAPTISM: All four sessions are required if you wish to be baptized or confirmed as an adult.

CHILD BAPTISM & PARENTS: If you are getting your child baptized and you’re already a baptized believer, you only need to attend the initial session on 11/25/2018 and you do not need to purchase the course material; however, if you are not a believer, you will need to get baptized/confirmed along with your child, and you will need to complete the entire course.

COURSE MATERIAL: You must purchase a copy of John R. W. Stott’s Basic Christianity. This is the baptism course’s primary material. You can order you copy here for only six dollars. It is imperative you read chapters 1 through 4 of this book prior to the first class, so please place your order well in advance.


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