Art has the ability to express very poignantly the range of emotions and thoughts one experiences in life.


At its best, art is able to do what Fujimura believes what it can do:

“satisfy our deep longing for beauty and communicate profound spiritual, intellectual, and emotional truth about the world that God has made for his glory.”

Especially in light of lent, we felt that this season is more than just a season of fasting from our indulgences. Rather, it serves as a time to actively prepare and align our hearts to the story of Christ and the hope that is found in his death and resurrection.

It is with this spirit, we here at New Mercy would like to invite you on an artistic and meditative journey through this lenten season and beyond. Starting from the creation narratives to the glorious redemption found in Christ, members here at New Mercy and its pastoral staff will be contributing meditations through the form of words, visual arts, and sounds. It is our hope, that in a world that is more focused on consuming goods than creating them, that we may capture and connect you to the beautiful essence of the arts and the Christian message.