The vision for New Mercy Community Church consists of two tag lines: Church for the Broken, Called to Restoration. These serve to give concrete direction for what we do at New Mercy — we are a church that seeks to embrace everyone no matter their form of brokenness and we walk together as a community toward the restoration that can only be found in Jesus.

Each year we set a theme to help us focus on an aspect of the overall vision. In 2017, our yearly theme was Called to Restoration, the second half of our vision. Since we had just added that tag line to the vision at the start of the year, we wanted to spend a year building it into the culture of the church.

While the theme was one of our most successful, at the end of the year we came to the realization that there was still much more to the theme that we needed to explore. In one year, we had just barely scratched the surface.

As we planned for 2018, we felt led to drill down further into a specific form of restoration: relational restoration. Biblically, sin affects all aspects of life; however, the brunt of the fallout was on our relationships. Central to life are our relationships with God and with people. Sin brought such profound distortion to our relationships they are often fraught with alienation, enmity, hostility, dysfunction and brokenness.

Jesus came to heal our relationships. Through the gospel, his death, resurrection, and teaching, Jesus and the Holy Spirit help guide us so that we can experience reconciliation and healing in all of our relationships. This is what we will be exploring together as a community in 2018.


We have also created downloadable content to serve as a reminder of this year's theme. As Deuteronomy 6:4-7 reminds us to keep the Lord's commands and his words, we pray and hope that these pictures will serve as tangible reminders. Simply click on the buttons below.