New Mercy Children's Ministries seek to partner with families to cultivate in each child a passion for Christ through education and discipleship.

We are committed to the centrality of the gospel in all that we do – in our relationships, curriculum, instruction, and corporate worship. Through our programs and worship, our goal is to ultimately help every child discover the truth of the Gospel and cultivate in them a passion for God’s glory.

If you are new to New Mercy, our welcoming team will greet you at the main entrance of the building. They will direct you toward the classroom area and make sure you get to the Mini Mercies hall where you will meet our Mini Mercies staff.  At the table, all children are given a name tag and are signed in. Safety for children is one of our main priorities so all new parents will need to fill out an information/contact form. Strollers and diaper bags can be dropped off in the nursery with our volunteer parents and staff.



We recognize that it is hard to concentrate on worship when you have a baby that needs constant attention. Our nursery staff consists of parents and volunteers who are dedicated to giving the parents a break, even for a short time to worship. (We know any time of rest from the kids is precious and hard to come by). The nursery ministry gives the parents an option to either drop the child(ren) off or to stay with the child(ren) in the nursery. 



Mercy Munchkins is the toddler’s ministry at NMCC and starts from the age of two until four years. Munchkins is an interactive, Scripture-based ministry that incorporates sermons, music, memory verses, games, crafts, skits, snacks and much more. Our Munchkin teachers are a trained and experienced volunteer group of parents and teachers dedicated to praying for and serving the families of NMCC. At Mercy Munchkins, no child is too young to know and love Jesus. Parents are more than welcome to join in the Munchkin worship time.


Mini Mercies is one of the children’s ministry of New Mercy Community Church. It is tailored for children between the ages of 4 through 11. NMCC is dedicated to partnering with parents to teach, equip, and nourish our next generation in Biblical truth. At Mini Mercies, children will experience the joy of knowing Jesus through Bible stories, worship and praise, activity time, and other special projects. Recognizing that the needs of a child who is 4 years-old would be different from a child who is 11, we have many volunteers and teachers led by Pastor Patricia and Pastor Jen. Each age group is given specialized attention to fit their specific needs. The Mini Mercies worship time consists of praise, larger group Bible story time, prayer, offering, snack, and activity and sharing time. The children are also separated by age group for a more intimate Bible study or age appropriate activity time.


Mercy Minors is the youth group at New Mercy Community Church. This group is comprised of students from 5th grade and on! We spend our Sundays doing bible studies and participating in worship. During the year we also go on some fun trips - whether its to Six Flags or to Bowler City nearby! We have four awesome and dedicated staff: Pastor Josh Kim, teachers Andy Chan, Phil Yoon, Dekae Kim, and Liz Kim. We love the opportunity that we have to be involved in the lives of our Mercy Minors students!


NMCC wants to make sure that our children and congregation are safe. Among our parents and congregants we have many doctors and nurses. One of these trained professionals are “on call” during our service times every week in case of an emergency. In addition, our volunteers have been trained in pediatric CPR, emergency protocol and basic first aid.

While allergies are common, dietary allergies in children can be very dangerous. It is important for the parents to fill out the information/contact form because it has a section for listing allergies and it is important that parents alert the volunteers and staff about any allergies to any foods. Because all our children’s ministries – nursery, Munchkins, and Mini Mercies – serve snacks, we want to make sure we keep all our children healthy and safe.