There is no question – Jesus Christ is the head of the church and our desire is to follow him and become more like him.

But too often in churches, the body reflects the strengths and weaknesses of its most senior leader. Recognizing this potential weakness in the traditional church model, the founders of New Mercy established the church under a round-table leadership paradigm: instead of a senior pastor, we have a team of multiple co-pastors work in conjunction with senior lay-leaders. This group collectively functions as New Mercy's "senior pastor."

Our team-based pastoral leadership model is unique. And to say our pastors are excited about it is an understatement. People don’t voluntarily request pay cuts, which is exactly what our pastors have done to work in this type of ministry model. And it’s something our church is excited to see in action – to be exposed to God’s teaching through each of our pastors' unique and varying perspectives and to serve with them in growing this church.

This team-based leadership structure is configured to maximize each leader’s strengths while overcoming their weaknesses. Not only does this structure provide accountability but it also serves as a support group for those pastors and leaders, which is absent in many models of church leadership today. We believe this model achieves better overall health for the church.