A Call to Brothers' Love for God's Daughters

THIS JUST IN: We have extended the Thailand Missions deadline to April 11th in order to encourage our BROTHERS to JOIN US this summer!


To give you a little background, during the first two weeks of August, a small team from New Mercy will be heading back to Bangkok to work with an organization called Samaritan Creations, a Christian organization that rescues women from bars through outreach. The organization nurtures women through counseling and community building in order to  help them to develop life skills, to provide  continuing education opportunities, and ultimately empowering their relationship with Christ through discipleship. Just as the Samaritan people from Jesus’ time were looked down upon by their own culture, the bar girls and women that we minister to are also looked down upon by Thai society in general, and even by many from the church.

"The temptation of sexual impurity is real and our skewed perceptions about relationships and women are real. When we look at the sex tourism industry of Thailand, we can see the consequences of our individual and collective broken view of sex. Thailand missions may be intimidating for us men, because let's be real: all guys struggle with these things. However, Christ does not disqualify us from His Work despite our brokenness, instead He  wants to use us in the midst of our brokenness. If God is convicting you to go to Thailand, but you feel inadequate because of your past or current struggles: do not be discouraged. If I had only taken part in the ministries  where I felt qualified because of my own works, then I wouldn't have gone to any country for missions. I pray that we can be a church that acts boldly because of the knowledge that God qualifies us to do His work, because we are viewed as God's Holy people through our faith in Jesus Christ."
—Chris Kwon

One of the most eye-opening experiences for me during this trip was when I stood in front of the signage that read: Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy is a street less than one-mile long, filled with over 40 go-go bars and crowds of girls standing outside of the bars in bikinis trying to lure customers into the bars—making it a popular attraction among tourists and expatriates.

As we entered one of the go-go bars, we saw girls (a few who were underage) with little-to-no trying to seduce their customers on the dance floor, and the customers trying to take advantage of these girls. Through conversations, we learned that many girls were dropped off at the bars by their boyfriend every day. Some of them even had their parents or close relatives encourage them to start working as go-go dancers to help financially support their families. Most of the girls we spoke to expressed that they did not want to work there, but they really saw no other option.

A majority of the women from Samaritan Creations have been rescued from the Red Light District. Upon hearing the testimonies from these women, many of them shared how their close relatives, boyfriends and the people they trusted were the ones that abused them. After spending the month in Thailand, I witnessed how broken these women have been because of their past. The root of everything was brokenness.

God used me to minister to these women by allowing me to share my personal roots, and my brokenness to express how deep and how wide our Father’s Love is for His daughters. We hugged and cried every morning as we shared our devotionals and testimonies. It was an opportunity for all of us to receive a new level of healing from our broken past by sharing and praying for one another.

However, we (my team from last year) strongly believe that we need more men on our team this year for the next layer of healing!

Brothers: Thailand needs you and wants you to be a part of this ministry this summer!

Having lived a life where engagement with men was only within the context of prostitution, these women have a very skewed perception of what a man is. They can only leave it up to their imaginations to assume what a real man looks and acts like. On the other hand, Kay Killar, the founder of Samaritan Creations, mentioned that many men don’t attend their church because they are “afraid” of the women’s past. The women of Thailand need exposure and healthy interactions with men the way God intended.

When men properly minister to these women, then the women  will have received God's love, which provides a much different kind of reassurance and edification in their self-worth and value. It breaks the illusion that men only want them to be objects of this evil. As a team of four women last year, we were encouraged to bring brothers from New Mercy to help these women through this process.

We want to fulfill a vision of building a long-term ministry with these women by building a full community of both women and men.  Having a healthy balance of genders is necessary to have a thriving Christ-like body. These women will have husbands and sons and we would like to build a network of Christian brothers.

And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15
If this country and ministry is tugging at your heart at all, we are praying for your resolve to join us.


Please apply through this link: https://newmercy.wufoo.com/forms/new-mercy-missions-application/

Below is a schedule of a typical day you would experience:

  • Team devotionals 
  • Lead morning devotionals for the women at Samaritan Creations

  •  Teach English

  • Eat lunch with the women by either picking up street food or cooking Thai/Korean food with them

  • Spend time with them, while they make jewelry and other goods for their shop.

  • Team time

  •  During certain nights, bar outreach:

    • Note: Men will not be allowed to enter into the bars during this time. However, they may walk along the Red Light District area and minister to the women outside of the bars.  

  • Other ministries include:

    • On Saturdays, slum ministry

    •  Prayer walks at Pattaya Red Light District and Nana Red Light District: 

If you have questions or want to know more, please email: mercyglobal@newmercy.cc.