Easter Hype

When I first moved into the Youth Group, I really didn't like having to move out of my comfort zone and to change my normal Sunday routine. To me Sundays in Youth Group consisted of having to wake up early in the morning, listening to a message that had no meaning to my heart, and then eating lunch.

Many Sundays would end up being what I considered a waste of time; and to add to that, Easter was dull to me. I always thought of myself to be insignificant, so naturally when someone would say something like, "God died for you,” it had no meaning. But that all changed when I heard the many messages from my bible study teacher, Hyun-Suk, who really helped to give meaning to the word "Savior"; and soon thereafter Sundays weren't as dim.

I began to see the significance of God's sacrifice and to understand that He sent His only Son to die for an "insignificant" person like me, which really changed my life. Everyday makes me stronger when I live for the Lord. If I live my whole life for God, I will eventually be strong enough to finish the journey into the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to remember and to appreciate what God has done in our lives, so that when we trip in our journeys we can always stand back up. Easter is the ultimate reminder of what God has done for us: He saved us from death and that is why it is called “Good Friday.”