The Almost Ironic Yet Awesome Thing about the Trinity

Looking back at last week’s post, we are reminded that the “nothingness” prior to creation was in actuality, a positive thing. It conveyed a sense of perfection, harmony, and self-sufficiency. God is free to be as he is, as he is in a loving fellowship within himself.

This sounds all fine and dandy, but it does come with a caveat.

What is awe-some about this is the truth that simply put, God does not need us to exist. I think it is rather frightening for us to think that we (as in the entire human race) are seekers of meaning and purpose in life, but then are seen merely as non-essential entities in relation to God.

Instead, we were willed into existence as an expression of the self-sufficient love, harmony and fellowship that is found in the Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All these glorious, beautiful expressions of creation, order, and serenity are all signifiers of the love and fellowship that is already found in and based on the Trinity.

Let that sink in for a bit.

But the almost ironic yet awesome thing about this is that God, due to his loving nature, seeks to fellowship with us. It is as if he could not live without us. And it is because of his essence and character that he seeks us, wanting to commune with us as part of his creation. This is where we can find our meaning and purpose. If the bible could be summarized in one sentence it is simply that “God is in search of us”. He is out in the garden, searching, asking “Where are you?”. 

Our fellow congregant, Dizzy, took some time to illustrate the profound truth about the triune God and creation. It is within the subtleties of this beautiful artwork that we may be able to see the relation more. 


an anecdote: Looking at this picture made me audibly go "wow". I even asked Dizzy to sell me this artwork so I can hang it on my wall (on the same spot where I promised my wife I'd hang something else 6 months ago--which I haven't done, and she's not having any of it). I seriously couldn't stop looking at it; I even examined the picture over and over throughout the entire day. From the multifaceted and multi-layered interpretation of the earth to the harmonious, glorious representation of the Trinity, everything looks just right. 

This my friend, is a perfect example of how I see the Trinity.