Order From Chaos

I'm very familiar with chaos of the emotional variety. Something small can set you off, and without realizing it, your emotions start careening at breakneck speed in unpredictable directions. When you finally come out of the episode, you sometimes don't even realize how you ended up at the thought or feeling from where you started.

That kind of emotional chaos is pretty much the only analogue through which I can try to grasp at the notion of cosmic chaos, the kind which God brought order to when He created the universe.

In my experience, chaos is never static, and is always a turbulent, surging energy that hurtles in every direction without a sense of purpose. I find it hard to imagine God's creation of the universe being akin to Him gingerly playing cosmic Legos, and imagine a far more violent, roiling cosmos in which God's inconceivable might powerfully regulates the universe in such a way that these uncontrollable energies and forces are wrangled by His mighty hand to establish balance, harmony, and elegance. It is an image of God's mighty dominion over these powerful cosmic forces.

I wanted to allude to that aspect of chaos, of energies surging along in uncontrolled, directionless expressions, but then behind it all, there is a greater force, a greater Being, who can manage all of the chaos in a manner that is – for that Being, at least – as easily understandable as observing facets of a cube, which to me, is an object so simple, primitive, and elegant that even a child can "understand" a cube and appreciate it.

From our perspective, chaos is a mess of energies, but in God's hands, He can see every single dimension of all the forces and energies in the universe, and observe it with total control, complete understanding, and an easiness in handling it all.