Creating out of Nothing

God spoke to me through music. 

I didn’t see him physically in front of me, nor did I hear his voice directly, but I knew it was him. One day during an ordinary Sunday, as I was singing along following the lyrics on the screen, something happened. I felt different, I felt His presence and I felt His love; it was an out of body experience where I just understood. I still can’t explain exactly what happened, but it changed my life.

Music made me come to faith, and I wanted to feel and share that love through music every day. There is something ineffable about music and how it moves all of us. Music doesn’t necessarily mean that you hear it by ear, but you feel the rhythms in your heart. In fact, for this reason alone, I became an audio engineer and music producer.

In last week’s post, I like what Pastor Dan said, “we were willed into existence as an expression of the self-sufficient love, harmony and fellowship that is found in the Trinity”. God made us because he wanted to make us, not because he needed us. But in addition, since God is a purposeful creator, we weren’t created capriciously, but with a purpose. There was this sense of kenosis, life giving in order to give life. That spoke to me. 

Being young and ambitious, I was motivated in making music for selfish reasons: money, fame, and image. But as life happened around me, God spoke out of nowhere into my life: “Don’t make art with the idea of selling it or to gain popularity, no one will want to buy it and no one will like you more because of it.” Instead, create with the same expression of love and harmony that God created His greatest art pieces—this world and us—and it will move people’s hearts. That is my purpose.

And reflecting about God prior to creation, it’s pretty cool to know that even God at one point had an empty canvas. And He intentionally began to create art to express that love and fellowship he had amongst Himself.

God didn’t have to compensate his creativity for the vision of someone else’s heart, he created us as an expression of His love. He created all this out of nothing, which to me is unimaginable. In fact, the bible uses a different word for "create" that is only in conjunction to God. It goes to show the sheer amount of creativity and creative energy that is God.


I have to say, I wish such creativity could come as easily when I find myself creating new projects and tracks. Honestly, as a professional in the creative world, starting a new project can be very frustrating. In fact, I can say that the hardest part for me is getting things started. I know that once I have ideas flowing, things would click and work out. But it was always the beginning that daunted me. At times it felt like the blank screen of the computer and I would have staring contests, and I’d walk away defeated. Then I’d come back to it again, and come out defeated once more.

But knowing that God created out of nothing, I have a new perception of nothingness. Again, it is not a bad thing. But as I start an empty session, I see it as a fresh start, a blank slate, new beginnings with an unlimited amount of potential where I am able to purposefully express this love for music and God. 

Even when you feel like you have nothing, don’t be afraid to open up a blank session and work. Our God did the same.
-Open Pro Tools. 
-Command + N
“What would you like to name this new blank session?”