A trickling melody that flows into the crevices of a dope beat,

The kind that get your shoulders bouncing while your head’s nodding

Kind of like the way your head nods when your taste buds

Wrap around the perfectly balanced piece of nigiri,

The perfect temperature contrast between the fish and rice,

A blend of flavors that remind you of the colors on your favorite painting

Swirls and shades that invoke a combination of thought and emotions,

Memories and desires,

Like the ones we try to capture in photographs and words,

We are creators,

To enjoy creations

But nothing we create can fully transcend our own design

As we are designed, to create, to reflect the Creator

His creations,

Our reservoir of inspirations

Our work comes through His work

Ask yourself, how often do you stop to drink from this pool?

What good is our productions,

If not connected to the source of it all?

Take the time to unplug from our buggy systems

And sync into the Maker of the Universe


Photo Cred: Phil Yoon |