BY Lisa Yu

Tuesday at 8pm
Location : TBD

Starting 2/8 for 6 sessions
2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13

Description: This course will focus on hearing God’s voice more clearly.  All believers are called to identify a healthy model of discernment in our faith life.  We will explore how to better discern what is from the Lord or not.  

Highly Recommended Reading: 
The Discerner by James Goll

Family Systems and the Self

BY Won Jae Hudson Yu

Mondays at 7:45pm
Location : the HUB

Starting 2/12 for 7 Sessions

Description: This course will help with further discovering who we are and getting real with our family of origin. We will look at tools like Genograms and Enneagram.


Book of esther

BY john huh


Description: Whether we notice or not, God's sovereign plans are always at work in our lives.  The challenging part, then, is to trust Him and be responsible in the situation we are in.  Through the story of Esther, we learn about what it takes to build Godly character and do the right thing no matter our circumstance.  Join us as we explore this exciting story of wars, murders, political schemes, beauty pageants, and parties.