NMCC is dedicated to partnering with parents to teach, equip, and nourish our next generation in Biblical truth. At Mini Mercies, children will experience the joy of knowing Jesus through Bible stories, worship and praise, activity time, and other special projects.


Reverend Dr. John Huh, who earned his doctorate in pastoral counseling, has established a New Mercy counseling program so that people can receive immediate help and intervention for emotional and psychological needs. At NMCC, not only will we systematically work to build a culture where it is safe to seek help no matter the type of struggle an individual is facing, but we will also provide concrete tools and services for those seeking emotional, psychological and physical help.



We believe God calls us to be missional wherever we are, both locally and around the globe. Our local missional efforts are year-round and target the North Jersey and metropolitan areas through our Mercy Local branch of New Mercy. And we have our short-term vision and mission trips reach across the country and overseas as part of our Mercy Global branch.