INFO SESSION : 06/25/2017

Please join Jen, Chris, and Caleb for their next info session. They will be sharing details about their transition, as well as ways to support the family. Please join us in partnering with them as they prepare to follow God's call to the nations. Please RSVP for the session below.



Our initial call and interest for Cambodia began with our heart for the street children who are being sold into the sex trade. As we continue to visit Cambodia on our short-term trips, the Lord is highlighting young, Cambodian believers who are rising up to bring restoration and healing to their nation. Although Cambodia has a very painful and broken past, it is evident that the harvest is ripe. 

We believe that our gifting is to “fan into flame” the glimmer of light that the Lord plants into the hearts of His people. 

Chris’ desire is to use his gifting of discipleship and background in business to lead Cambodian men to grow into the likeness of Christ while they learn skills to help sustain their families. 

Jen dreams of using her background in education and children’s ministry to partner with organizations that work to restore, heal, and educate vulnerable children and women. 

Our hearts burn with passion for the love of Jesus to restore social, cultural, and family structures into alignment with the Kingdom. 




Caleb's full name is Caleb Judah Lee. He was prayerfully given the name to grow as a wholehearted worshipper, who lives with Kingdom perspective. He is already such a joyful addition to the Lee family.


Chris loves empowering others to step into their true identity, to discover and cultivate their God-given skills, and to flourish spiritually and emotionally. Discipling people is one of his greatest passions, and he looks forward to doing life in Cambodia.


Jen has been in various ministry settings with children/youth, women, missions, and healing ministries. Her greatest joy is to see God's people stepping into their original Kingdom design with their unique callings and gifts.



The Kingdom of Cambodia is the last remnant of the great Khmer Empire, which once controlled and influenced most of Southeast Asia. The people of Cambodia take great pride in their heritage that is rooted in the Khmer Empire. After the decline of the empire, Cambodia became a protectorate of France, and subsequently gained independence in 1953. The country’s history is tragically marked by the Cambodian Genocide in the 1970s, perpetrated by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime, which took the lives of approximately two million people - a quarter of the nation.

Currently, Cambodia is on the cusp of transformation. It is the people of Cambodia who are bringing change to their nation. In the coming decade, the Kingdom of Cambodia will experience social and economic breakthrough that will once again distinguish this nation in Southeast Asia.