Becoming a member is not necessarily the first step toward getting involved at New Mercy.

In fact, we recommend new congregants to get to know some of the pastors, to participate in the different programs and activities, and to check out small groups (a.k.a. family groups) prior to becoming a member so that they can get a feel for what New Mercy is about.

However, once you get a sense of what New Mercy is like and you do wish to get plugged in, the first important step is to become a member. Membership involves taking one 1.5 hour class on a scheduled Sunday. In this class, you are taught the vision and theology of New Mercy as well as the privileges and responsibilities of membership. 

New Mercy is committed to creating a model that reflects God’s heart for his children, an organic composition of hearts and hands living out the gospel with more than lip service. Being a member is about more than having exclusive access to a website; it is not a status symbol or social club. A member who acknowledges they are a part of the body of Christ and enters into a covenant with their local church is called to a higher degree of responsibility; conversely, the pastors, elders and deacons are covenanted to assist their members first and foremost, to provide counsel, service, and aid, as well as to pray, teach, and guide as necessary. After taking this class and committing to membership, you are officially a member of New Mercy Community Church.


Next Membership Class (Palisades): 9/8/2019
Next Membership class (Hackensack): TBD

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