Oftentimes, missions is seen solely as an overseas endeavor.
However, this could not be further from the truth.

In Acts 1, when Jesus commissions the disciples to devote their lives to missions, he does not only tell them to go abroad.  He tells them to serve locally (Jerusalem & Judea) and abroad (ends of the earth). Many churches, for various reasons, have constructed their missions programs with an overseas “bias.” This is not to say that the need overseas is not significant.
Clearly it is. Nevertheless, living in affluent America, we can sometimes be blinded to the incredible suffering and need and broken lives right underneath our noses.

Consequently, New Mercy is dedicated to bringing balance to our missional efforts – to serve locally and abroad. That does not mean our resources will always be distributed in equal proportions among the various regions; however, it does mean we will take seriously the needs near and far and work faithfully to address them as best as we can.

Mercy Local is our local missions committee which provides programs, activities, and services to facilitate renewal in the lives of Christians both inside and outside our walls.

They include worship, small groups, discipleship, counseling and referral services, medical ministries, home and hospital visitations, education and practical seminars, sporting events, fellowship activities, leadership training, prayer groups, and so on. As is typical of all our ministries, the NMCC leadership is constantly devoting time and effort to meeting the needs of growing Christians. We desire to “push the envelope” with passion and wisdom so that we can be a ministry that serves the community of believers faithfully and effectively.


Mercy Local's vision and goals are:

  1. Focus first and foremost on the Gospel. God is love as it was demonstrated through the ultimate act of service through the Cross.
  2. We recognize that we are broken people who have been shown mercy.
  3. As Christ loved us first, we too seek to foster relationships and serve others by extending the love of Christ. We desire to be the salt and light, sharing God’s love through life in the Spirit--to take part in God’s Kingdom work.
  4. We want to follow the example of Christ and live a missional life.