Mercy Global is our overseas missions ministry of New Mercy.

We as a church support missionaries all across the world and we send missions teams to India, Ivory Coast and Southeast Asia each year.

Rather than employing a hit-and-run style of short-term missions, our goal is to build ongoing relationships with long-term missionaries. By doing this, the long-term missionaries are able to use our short-term missionaries as a resource for accomplishing their goals in their respective locales. If used rightly, short-term missionaries produces long-lasting fruit for God’s Kingdom.


the core values of Mercy Global are the following:

  1. Our focus first and foremost is on the Gospel. We are solely dependent on God’s ability to transform others, and not on our own abilities. Our aim is God’s mission - to share His story and ours. We serve with the intention of loving and sharing Jesus - encountering His presence through the Holy Spirit, not programs.

  2. We are intentional about building significant relationships with people in the field and with our hosts. We believe in honoring the culture of the people we serve, instead of promoting our own agendas.

  3. We recognize that God cares for the lost and for the broken (Psalm 147), as we ourselves are broken. We strive to fully depend on God and expect that He will heal and transform.

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