Missions Page

New Mercy’s main focus in India is to partner with Indian missionaries who serve a community called the Devadasi. Devadasis—“servants of god/goddess”—are women dedicated to the worship and service to a Hindu god/goddess, even in the form of prostitution. Extreme poverty introduces women to this lifestyle at an early age and affects their children born within this strict caste system to become Devadasis, as well. As a result, both women and children are left marginalized and oppressed within their society. However, New Mercy aims to share the Love of Christ to this community through sponsored conferences, such as “Beloved." The hope is to empower women and their children to experience a life of freedom that comes from receiving God’s Grace and to view themselves as God views them: beloved.

Number of People Groups: 2,256

People Groups Unreached: 2,033

Total Population: 1,247,206,000