We are glad that you are willing to grow with us through this year’s new initiative here at New Mercy Community Church: Called to Restoration.  The church is a community of broken people that God invites and gathers together.  However, being a church means more than that. A church that is for the broken is one that ultimately seeks the renewal of its people. Jesus did not just welcome broken people and then leave them in their brokenness. No, he also restored them. To be truly for broken people, a church must be a place where people can find healing and restoration from their brokenness.

Then, how does such restoration take place in our lives?  In the Bible, Jesus does not leave the growth of his disciples up to chance or up to them. Contrary to the approach of many churches, Jesus is rigorously intentional with his disciples: in an intimate community, he walks with them, teaches them, counsels them, and disciples them. The path to restoration was made clear to them. Jesus commissions the church to do this very same thing when he tells the disciples to disciple others.

As an essential part of this initiative to be restored, we are creating a small discipleship groups called “cohorts.”  Each cohort will consist of four to five people (including a pastor who will lead the group), and it will meet once a week for the duration of a year.  In that time, each cohort will learn and experience the power of discipleship by exploring three major themes: Spiritual Life, Soul Care, and Christian Living.  There is a very limited enrollment this year, and once you sign up, the pastors will place you into a specific cohort.  It is our hope and prayer that those who finish the cohort program will lead their own cohorts in the following year.  If there are any questions or concerns about the cohorts, please contact one of the pastors.