Promises of the Prophets

In the prophetic literature, besides prophecies there are some powerful narrative segments relaying some of the experiences of these prophets. We will be focusing on those narratives (e.g., Elijah's encounter with God on Mt. Horeb in the whisper). The power of these narratives is that as God interacts with the prophets, we see how the promises of the gospel manifest in the lives of the prophets by how God handles them (in their brokenness and in their humanity). Inevitably, within that particular and personal interaction with the prophet, God also reveals to us the future, eschatological promises of Jesus, the gospel, the in-breaking of the Kingdom, and the final fulfillment in Jesus's second return.

Our hope is that by getting into the narrative elements, people will be able to relate to the prophets' life stories and struggles -- this will keep the content grounded. Prophetic literature can feel rather lofty and far removed, so we thought by approaching it through the narratives we will be able to engage the prophetic material (which is important) while still keeping it interesting. Establishing this hook, we can then connect them to the more lofty prophetic promises in a way that will seem relevant to their own lives. And the promises of the prophets are gospel promises, promises that we Jesus echoes and promises we can step into.