Families are fleeing Syria and other devastated countries in unprecedented numbers. Many have already lost their lives.

In this situation, we seek to intercede on behalf of individuals where legal, political, and economic constraints work together to the detriment of migrants fleeing their home countries. The UN projects almost 850,000 migrants (including children) will move across Europe by Summer 2016.  New Mercy has been financially blessed, and an allocation of our disaster relief fund has been set aside as a donation in hopes to serve those migrants stuck in camps as well as hopefully save lives of those migrants undertaking the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean.

Please considering partnering with us by donating to these two organizations. Because of the size of this crises, these refugees need the collective effort of many brothers and sisters to find the help and hope they're seeking.



MOAS cruises the Mediterranean specifically to search/rescue migrant boats. As you probably read, many of these migrant boats are not in great shape and often overcrowded due to desperation.  This is a small private NGO serving a specific need. They have already saved many lives. 

Migrant Offshore Aid Station →

Samaritan's Purse 

A reputable charity supporting supplies for migrants in camps. 

Samaritan's Purse →