If you’ve been served by New Mercy, whether it be through the greeters on Sundays, teachers in your child(ren)’s Mini-Mercies classrooms, the setup necessary for worship, or the meals after the services, security who keep our kids and worship environment safe, musicians on stage leading us in worship, or any number of other ways—chances are you’ve been served by a faithful volunteer giving up time and talent to serve Jesus by serving you.

And we’re always in need for more help.

If you consider New Mercy your church, we ask you to serve as a volunteer. By doing so, you’re an essential part of helping others meet Jesus. In addition, we have also found that new congregants who get involved with serving the church and the community early on feel more connected more quickly. This makes sense as serving involves collaborating with others toward a common goal, eating meals together, learning to have fun together and laboring together for a good cause.

In fact, it is through service that Christians find community, grow in faith and character, experience joy, and so forth. Testimony after testimony of those who serve faithfully reveal this indelible truth – God designed us to love and to serve Him & others. But besides that, Jesus teaches that by serving others, we are in a concrete way actually serving him. In fact, what Jesus is essentially teaching is that all Christians are marked by their service to others. We serve because we’ve been served.

There are a number of opportunities to serve at New Mercy.

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To find out more, contact us at serve@newmercy.cc.