The Pastoral Staff


An extrovert by nature and pastoral counselor by training, Pastor John loves people. Many have sought his guidance to help them traverse the murky waters that our emotions and minds can often be. If you ever need to talk, no matter the struggle, he’s your man. It is safe to say that you are in good hands as Pastor John received his PhD in counseling at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Kee Won Huh

Pastor Kee’s dream is to sit in a cabin high atop a beautiful mountain range reading, writing and thinking his days away. Nevertheless, God has called him to be a pastor who uses his love for knowledge to help modern people navigate the intellectual maze that is the contemporary world. He loves all things sci-fi, including Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. So don’t be surprised to hear geeked-out references in his sermons.

Patricia Jang

In her heart-of-hearts, she is a missionary. She also loves investing in the education of our children. Combine both passions, and you have Pastor Patty, a person who believes our future generation is one of our primary mission fields. She is part of our Hackensack site's Mini Mercies children's program and its team of high-level teachers. When Pastor Pat is not at work, she is busy taking care of three babies at home—two growing and her husband. 


With a knack for out-of-the-box creativity and the ability to cast strategic visions for the long-term, Pastor WonJae can lead the church and its people to see a picture of the Kingdom of God they could only scarcely imagine before. Link this with a passion for the gospel, and you have a leader who can compel a body of believers to strive to affect an entire generation.



Lisa is married to Pastor Won Jae and the mother of four beautiful children.  She is a proud graduate of University of Virginia and Gordon Conwell Seminary where she met her husband.  Her passions are reading and prayer.  She is very relationship driven and would love to meet up with you. Currently she runs the prayer ministry and work from home moms group.