The Bible reveals one irreducible fact:

Passage after passage reveals a God who embraces the broken-hearted,
the marginalized, the oppressed, the sick and the sinners.


We at New Mercy Community Church believe God has called us to place
this foundational truth at the center of our vision.



New Mercy's vision is to be A Church for the Broken. We are a church made of broken people, a church that seeks to grow broken people, and a church that welcomes and serves other broken people with the radical love Christ has shown us. Ultimately, this means we are a church called to love and to embrace everyone as every person has some form of brokenness in their lives.

We believe our calling to serve the broken is a calling to active engagement not simply having an “open door” policy. As a community church we are committed to serving our local neighbors as well as our global community. We hope to see the power of the redemptive gospel impact all aspects of our lives and the lives of those around us.


New Mercy Community Church launched on 10/10/10 with five pastors committed to building "A Church for the Broken". Employing a unique, round-table team leadership model, this staff of colleagues and friends labored to bringing the gospel into the lives and families of this region. Since its inception, New Mercy has rapidly grown, adding two more pastoral staff, numerous ministries and a new satellite site in Edgewater in addition to its Hackensack site.